The Best 5 Ant Farms On The Market

The Best 5 Ant Farms On The Market

Whether you’re looking to purchase an ant farm for educational purposes or as a hobby, it’s best to know what’s available out there in order to make the best choice for you and your ants’ needs!

After all, it’s not the most common of pastimes, which is why it may be difficult to know where to start if you are interested in acquiring one in this day and age. In case you are not yet convinced that this is for you and just browsing to make a final decision, it may help to know that there are quite a few positive effects of starting an ant farm.

It’s not only a great way to teach young ones how to appreciate nature and its fascinating faces that usually go unnoticed but it’s also the perfect, fun way of teaching them to be productive and responsible.

Of course, a creative component also needs to be there and they even learn how to care for pets in preparation for a bigger responsibility like a hamster, cat or eventually, a dog.

Of course, that’s not to say ant farms should be only for kids. It is definitely a fascinating hobby for any age group and it may help a lot with the stress we adults feel on a day to day basis too!

So whether or not you’re a parent, if you’re thinking of starting an ant farm because you’ve caught a few at your home and want to properly care for them or if you’ve always been fascinated with the unique pastime of ant farming, there is no reason for you not to try it out!

In order to make the best choice of tiny home for these wonderful, hardworking insects, check out the list below. Just make sure that, before you place them in their brand new kit, you keep the ants in the fridge for around 10 to 15 minutes to calm them down and prepare them for a transfer that doesn’t require too much hassle at all.

Empire of Ants Mini Wilderness Ant Farm Nest

This first entry on our list is perfect for small and medium species of ants and has side connection ports in case you want an expansion for the little critters.

It features a space imitating their natural habitat at the top and a nesting area at the bottom, just like in the wilderness so if the more high-tech-looking, modern ant farms on this list are not your thing and you’d rather see your ants in a world they’re familiar with from the start, this is the perfect choice for you.

Uncle Milton Large Viewing Area Ant Farm

This is another classic-looking ant farm kit but it’s for those who don’t want something too decorated or complex to take up space in the home. Well, this one is as simple as they come, featuring white sand and a wonderful picnic visual that is sure to make both kids and adults happy.

It has a built-in feeding port as well, making feeding time very easy. Perhaps the best feature, however, is the fact that it has a pretty large viewing window so you might find yourself in front of it, monitoring your ant family’s daily activities, for hours and you won’t miss a thing!

Evviva Ant Habitat with LED Light

Number 3 on this list looks futuristic and almost like out of a Science-Fiction movie. After all, it features some cool, blue LED lights that are bound to give the kit as well as the whole room a great vibe you’ll just love to be around! But the lights are not only for aesthetics! It turns out that, aside from making the ant farm kit look beautiful, it also encourages the ants to dig further, which means that you’ll end up getting to observe some intricate tunnels.

It’s definitely a joy for kids and adults alike to observe such a massive, living ecosystem, making learning super fun rather than seem like a chore. And you want to know what the best thing is? You don’t need any batteries! Finally, the Evviva Ant Habitat comes with a very handy ant science e-book so what are you waiting for?

Educational Insights GeoSafari Factory Ant Farm

Usually, ants are not included with the purchase of ant farms for obvious reasons but this next entry on our list helps with that quite a bit. After all, if you don’t find some ants around the house, you might be lost as to where to purchase them. Well, the GeoSafari Factory Ant Farm buyers will also get a certificate to order their ants by mail making the whole process even easier than imagined.

As for the farm itself, the kit comes with a water dropper, a canal starting tool and a guide book, to make setting up the colony a breeze.

The only slight inconvenience you might find is the fact that you need to acquire two cups of sand to fill up your ants’ home before their arrival.

Light-up Ant Habitat

Perhaps the coolest ant farm on our list, it will allow you to watch the ants dig big and intricate tunnels through the same type of gel that some of their siblings were sent to the moon in!

If you turn on the lights, it encourages the ants to dig deeper all the while giving your room a relaxing glow. It comes with an extensive 16-page book and a magnifying glass for the perfect viewing of your ant farm.

Not to mention that it’s a great decor item in any home without taking up too much space!

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