Hair Loss Scandals Expose the Dangers of Personal Care Products

Hair Loss Scandals Expose the Dangers of Personal Care Products

Most of us are unaware of potential dangers which body care products might contain. After many scandals, official complaint and 26 million dollars paid for settlements, researchers believe it is high time for a change. The population needs to be more informed.

Most of personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, make-up, creams and body lotions are not severely regulated and many of us do not know the potential secondary effects they might have.

How it works

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analyzes products only if they have been reported as dangerous by consumers. Most of us do not take the time to fill out complaint forms. There are no other regulatory processes on behalf of the FDA before these products appear on the market.

The WEN scandal

Researchers have published a letter in the weekly JAMA Internal Medicine in which they referred to the WEN scandal and how more protective measures have to be taken. The WEN by Chaz Dean hair care products have been under investigation after several complaints (127) regarding the brand’s cleaning conditioner were made. According to consumers, the products irritate the scalp and cause hair loss.

After the FDA started out an investigation, it turn out the company had already 1,386 more complaints and a lawsuit was settled for 26 million dollars.

How to find keep yourself informed

The FDA has a repository of consumer complaints and it includes a section dedicated to personal care products. This repository for personal care products is called the Center for Food and Safety and Applied Nutriton’s Adverse Event Reporting System (CFSAN). Starting with the year 2016, consumers can find the complaints made online.

The average per year of complaints received by the FDA is around 396. Consumers should read labels and inform themselves.

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