South Sandwich Islands Undergo Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake

South Sandwich Islands Undergo Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake

Magnitude 7.2 earthquakes are nothing to neglect, and such a jolt recently hit the South Sandwich Islands, as the US Geological Survey revealed on Sunday. The quake also had a depth of 10 km.

The news was brought by The Jerusalem Post, and we’re eager to find out more on the matter. Another magnitude 7.2 earthquake recently hit Haiti, when a minimum of 304 people lost their lives, and about 1,800 folks suffered injuries. Haiti is a much more inhabited place than the South Sandwich Islands – Haiti had a population that exceeded 11 million souls in 2019. Also, the distance between Haiti and the South Sandwich Islands is huge: over 8,700 kilometers.

Credit:, Sybille H.
Credit:, Sybille H.

For those unaware, the South Sandwich Islands, along with South Georgia Island, represent a British Overseas Territory located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. We’re talking about an inhospitable collection of islands that consist of the South Georgia Island that’s significantly larger than the chain of islands known as the South Sandwich Islands.

Covering an area of 3,903 square kilometres

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands cover an area that measures 3,903 square kilometers. The capital is King Edward Point.

A large source of income for the afore-mentioned region in recent years is represented by tourism. Many sailing yachts and cruise ships are visiting the area, as the only way to go to South Georgia is by sea. No airstrips are present on the Islands.

Oceanwide Expeditions reveals that South Sandwich Islands hasn’t been inhabited since 1982. However, the islands and South Georgia still have a combined average population of just 30 residents.

Therefore, if the misanthrope in you wants to live in a remote place where there’s almost no trace of human beings, you can add South Georgia as the next destination. But still, you’d better watch out for those earthquakes.

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