Volkswagen Jetta to be Inferior to Mazda3?

Volkswagen Jetta to be Inferior to Mazda3?

Volkswagen Jetta is here and it wants to present its last generation car: it is a smaller vehicle which we can’t call aggressive by any stretch of the imagination.

Why isn’t the next-gen Volkswagen Jetta a good car?

This is because of the disappointing power figures on the Jetta caused by the use of a 1.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder mill. The 4-pot motor is surely extraordinary, we’re not battling this statement. However, it is not as good as the Honda Civic as far as power count.

When doing a comparison with the Honda Civic…

It is not at all like how it is on the Civic. The Jetta just has 147hp and 184ft-lbs of torque. This affirms that the Jetta is unremarkable on the HP tally in spite of the fact that it gloats more torque than the Civic.

Mazda, a better car than Jetta and Civic?

In a longer period of time, the market may not handle the Jetta well – particularly with Mazda, which is going to release the next-generation Mazda3. The Mazda Company has stated before that the following Mazda3 will have huge power changes over the present model, on account of SkyActiv-X and HCCI innovation. According to this, Mazda is going to beat the Civic and this will erase the Jetta’s odds for good.

Why is it inferior to Mazda?

When talking about the new car released by Volkswagen Jetta, we talk about the vehicle that is inferior to the soon Mazda3 regarding both HP and torque, in this way making it a disappointing choice. Of course, this happens unless Volkswagen can make a supernatural occurrence and change the 1.4L unit with the 170hp turbo-4 sourced from the Golf.

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