Diplomacy 101: Queen Elisabeth Sends Congrats Note to Kim Jong-un

Diplomacy 101: Queen Elisabeth Sends Congrats Note to Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is known to cut ties with most western countries. The Pyongyang Government boasted that the Great British Monarch, Queen Elisabeth sent a congratulatory note to their leader Kim Jong-un. The news was met with a lot of skepticism in the western hemisphere, and many thought it was another propaganda trick used by North Korea. However, a news outlet got a confirmation of the news from a royal spokesman.

What was the note about?

It appears that the Pyongyang Government salutes Queen Elisabeth on her birthdays, and the FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) decided to send Kim Jong-un a message for the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The note was dated September 7, only two days before the parade held in Nord Korea to mark their celebration. The congratulatory message was short, and it did not include any personal tribute to the North Korean leader, proving it was just a routine message on behalf of Queen Elisabeth.
The Buckingham Palace spokesperson explained that these kinds of messages are sent to most countries during their national day celebrations, and it was not a first-time event. However, the North Korean government decided to use this year’s message to boast and maybe with other hidden interests behind.

Other countries have also sent North Korea congratulatory notes

Although many western countries did not send their congrats to North Korea, others decided to send their regards. Some of the countries that saluted the 73rd anniversary of the North Korean National day were Algeria, Azerbaijan, the King of Thailand and, Seychelles.
North Korea has always tried to create tied with the British Royal family
Back in 2014, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulated the Queen on her birthday and wrote several wishes for Her Majesty and Her Subjects.

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