Can COVID-19 Spread Itself Through Feces and Float Through the Air? A New Study is Alarming

Can COVID-19 Spread Itself Through Feces and Float Through the Air? A New Study is Alarming

Just when the overall situation regarding the COVID-19 started to look better in Europe along with the reduction of the number of infected patients and deaths, a new study is bringing bad news to us. Human feces can carry infectious viral particles of the terrifying virus, as it was discovered after some patients were examined.

Doctors from China collected fecal samples belonging to 28 patients, and 12 of them were infected with COVID-19. Finding RNA traces of SARS-CoV-2 within feces of infected patients is not something new, but scientists weren’t sure if the virus found is still alive and capable of infecting new hosts.

There is infectious virus in human feces

A report published in Emerging Infectious Diseases showcases a journal run by the Centers for the Disease Control. The purpose was to shed light on the mystery: is the COVID-19 virus present in feces capable of infecting other people? While the scientists concluded that the answer is unfortunately positive, another problem arises along with the outcome, and it cannot be overlooked.

Communal restrooms can become the new reason to worry for millions of people that are using them. These places can even pose a higher risk of transmission than other indoor locations. However, we’re hoping to receive some extra news regarding the study soon.

The pandemic of the new coronavirus is facing a significant downfall in European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and others. The pandemic is practically shut down in China and South Korea. But the latest concerns are regarding countries like the Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Mexico, and so on. As for the US, the pandemic doesn’t show compelling signs of slowing down in this country, either. These are the stats brought to the public by

While the pandemic still worsens in certain parts of the globe, we can only wait for the scientific community to bring a vaccine or treatment for the terrible virus.

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