5 Scientific Solutions To Help You Quit Smoking

5 Scientific Solutions To Help You Quit Smoking

Tobacco dependence has been and will be a hot topic for the whole tag of researchers who have managed to find some infallible methods to get rid of this vice. Glen Morgan, program director at the US National Cancer Institute, comes up with some ideas:

– Set a deadline until you quit smoking. This will give you time to gradually become accustomed to the idea that you are going to end this habit.

– A “smoking diary” will help you see under what conditions you feel the urge to smoke. For example, if you smoke while you are drinking coffee, it would be better to choose a cup of tea, and the combination with the tobacco will disappear

– Choose a mentor. Someone who has overcome the addiction to smoking can be a good adviser to you.
– Exercise. Even ten minutes of sports are enough to distract your thoughts from the cigarettes.

– Read your texts. American experts have discovered an ingenious system by which mobile phone subscribers can receive text messages whenever they send a specific word to a four-digit number. In a few seconds they will receive advice, encouragement, and tricks to temper their desire to smoke

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