Good News for Coffee Lovers – High Coffee Consumption Associated with Lower Death Risk

Good News for Coffee Lovers – High Coffee Consumption Associated with Lower Death Risk

The European Society of Cardiology hosts an annual Congress during which new research is presented, among speeches and other activities. A new study presented during the 2017 ESC claims that those who consume much coffee have a lower death risk.

Coffee might just be our ally

The observational study involved almost 20 000 subjects and it was made due to the fact that this black potion is one of the most widely consumed liquids around the world. There are not many people who can turn down a good cup of coffee.

The head researcher, Dr. Adela Navarro, cardiologist at Hospital de Navarra from Pamplona, Spain has noticed that previous studies lacked one element. Not one single study was made in a Mediterranean country to study middle-aged people.

The study made in Spain was conducted in line with the Seguimento Universidad de Navarra, a long term project involving 19 896 participants of the SUN Project.

The average age of the participants was of 37 years old and to enter the study, they had to complete a food questionnaire in which information on coffee consumption was demanded.

Results and findings

The subjects were followed up for ten years and during that period of time 337 of them died. The results indicated that those who consumed at least 4 cups of coffee daily had 64% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who never consumed coffee. Also there was 22% lower risk of all case mortality for each two additional coffees daily.

Other variants analyzed were sex, age and adherence to the Mediterranean diet. Those aged 45 or more, drinking two additional cups of coffee per day has 30% lower death risk. These findings suggest that four cups or more per day are part of a healthy diet for Mediteraneean people.

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