The Ambrosia Young Human Plasma Controversy

The Ambrosia Young Human Plasma Controversy

Blood transfusions have always been both necessary and controversial. It appears that there is one thing that managed to receive a little bit of both of the aforementioned facts.

Meet Ambrosia. A start-up from Monterey, California that has recently appeared. Since its first weeks Ambrosia received both negative and positive “reviews”. The owner of Ambrosia is Jesse Karmazin and it was his idea to create the start-up which offers blood transfusions, but only 1 litter and a half at a time. It is actually a very difficult job and making a whole package obviously requires more than one donor.

But this isn’t the reason why the start-up raised controversy. The real reason is the fact that it harvests only blood from the young. So far Ambrosia has already 600 clients and almost all of them are around the age of 60. Another statistic shows that over two thirds of the start-up’s clients are men. Apparently, women tend to turn to beauty anti-ageing products, whereas men are more likely to feel the need to have literally young blood in their veins again.

Of course, not everybody can afford to enjoy the young human plasma. The transfusions are very expensive; some of them are even willing to pay 40.000 dollars on regular transfusions of young human plasma. But some think that if this is the price you have to pay to feel rejuvenated then they are willing to go on with it.

The idea of rejuvenation came from an experiment on mice. Apparently, when young blood of mice was injected into old mice some changes in their behavior occurred. The old mice seemed to have improved their memory. Back then, it was a fascinating result that led to experiments with human blood.

The effects of this kind of human plasma were pretty close to the scientists’ expectation. Young blood lowers the risk of Alzheimer and the levels of carcino-embryonic antigens. The start-up is thus not only a hope for the people, but also beneficial for the body.

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