Report: Breast cancer risk can be increased by just 1 alcoholic beverage a day

Report: Breast cancer risk can be increased by just 1 alcoholic beverage a day

The fact that pre-menopausal and post-menopausal breast cancer risk will increase by five, respectively, nine per cent if you have a glass of beer or a small one of wine a day was deducted from a report.

This was made certain after the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)’s report, published on May 23, Tuesday, which confirms that breast cancer risk in women can be increased by having only an alcoholic beverage a day, before or after menopause.

A number of 199 studies, covering data on 260,000 breast cancer cases and 12 million women, were examined in order to strengthen the arguments.

Not only the report shows what a glass of wine or beer can cause, but it also concludes that exercising is very important in lowering the risk of stimulating breast cancer in both types of women specified.The most physically active pre-menopausal women, doing tough activities such as fast biking and running, had a more minimal risk, 17%, of developing breast cancer, compared to the least active ones, but the post-menopausal ones had a risk reduced by 10%.

The report highlights that walking and gardening, moderate physical activity, is also linked to a 13% lower risk of developing breast cancer, minimizing this after comparing the least and most active women.

Furthermore, obese and overweight women are also in risk of stimulating such a disease, contrary to breastfeeding mother who have a more minimal risk.

Dieting though is a factor which minimize the risk of breast cancer as certain high in calcium foods and high in carotenoids fruits and vegetables might protect the body from some types of breast cancer. One of them is ER (estrogen receptor) cancer a more challenging though less common tumor.

252,000 new cases of breast cancer were discovered this year, the breast cancer is the most common cancer concerning women in the US. One in three cancer cases in the US could be prevented by exercising and not drinking alcohol, AICR agrees.

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