Woman Was Forced to Live for Almost Ten Years with Uneven Breast After a Boob Job Went Wrong

Woman Was Forced to Live for Almost Ten Years with Uneven Breast After a Boob Job Went Wrong

Stephanie Lopez was a regular teenager that, just like many others, did not feel comfortable with her small breasts. Finally, she decided that she wanted more than A cup and she began saving up for a boob job.

“My whole life going through puberty I just wasn’t growing any boobs. My mum had big boobs, and I just didn’t know why I wasn’t growing any. As long as I can remember I didn’t feel very confident or pretty without boobs. I had always wanted to have a boob job, so when I was 17 my mum took me for a consultation,” Stephanie remember.

She went to a surgeon that has “amazing recommendations” and she felt confident with her choice, especially since she paid £11,000. “I went there with no worries whatsoever, and when I had a speedy recovery I thought everything was fine,” Stephanie says. However, things only went worse from there on.

“But, as they were swollen, I was told to wait until they’d fully healed before I would see the real results,” she explains. But as soon as they began to recover it was obvious that something went horribly wrong. Her real boobs were sagging while the implants sat somewhere high. Her breasts now looked “like udders” and she had to live with them for almost a decade.

Worse than that, she could not even sue the doctor or get her money back since there was no lawyer that was willing to take on her case and help her in court. “I wanted a boob job to improve my cleavage but I ended up with no self-confidence,” Stephanie said.

The solution came almost ten years later

Life was pretty harsh for Stephanie in these years. She had major confidence issues, and when she met Robert she refused to let him see her breasts for a few years. She ended up marrying him, and three years after the implant, when she was 20, they had their first child.

Since family became a priority and Stephanie had two more children, she was not able to find the necessary funds for another boob job that could have corrected the previous one because “all our money was spent on our children.” Ironically, enough her breasts did not change much during that period. “Weirdly having three kids didn’t make my boobs much worse,” she added.

“Because we really didn’t have the money for me to get surgery again, it was just something that I planned to live with,” she explains However, just when she stopped hoping, she saw a TV ad for the E! show Botched. She applied and she was chosen for a corrective surgery. Her email and the pictures convinced them to help her fix her misshapen breats.

She went to Los Angeles and met the surgeon, one of the top surgeons in the city. She accepted right away and he trusted him. “”As soon as I met the surgeon I had entire faith in him, he was one of the top surgeons in LA. But aside from that, I knew that I had nothing to lose because the shape was so horrible.”

Finally, she had the surgery that fixed her bad boob job and now she has the cleavage she always wanted. “I had my final bit of surgery in May 2016 and as soon as they were done I knew that they looked how I’d always wanted them to. As soon as the surgery was over, the surgeon told me that my breasts were now perfect and I knew he wasn’t lying. Since I’ve had them corrected I am the most confident version of myself I’ve ever been. Even my husband, Robert, and my kids have noticed how happy I am now,” she concluded.

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