The Toilet Paper And Face Mask Scam – Thousands Affected!

The Toilet Paper And Face Mask Scam – Thousands Affected!

Remember those promising ads that said you could get face masks and toilet paper at very low prices a few months ago when everybody was crazy about buying such articles? So do we and other thousands of people!

We all remember “Hot Sale! In stock now!” and “3-7 Days Express Delivery!”

There were other slogans for toilet paper like “10000 sold in the last 24 hours! Limited Quantities at this price!”

The keyword is “limited.” But just how “limited” were these offers, though?

The Scam

As the coronavirus pandemic affected a whole planet, supplies like toilet paper, disinfectants, and protective masks were among the most purchased items from all vendors.

However, thousands of people received none of the items they ordered and paid for.

One angry customer stated that no shipment of toilet paper was sent, though they quickly took the money out of their bank account in a complaint to Paypal.

“I can’t believe PayPal would continue doing business with this scammer from China…This scammer has toilet paper on 3-4 different websites, all of which were opened in Feb of this year. They present themselves as a company in the U.S., but buyers beware! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!” wrote another customer.

The mechanism is simple – You place an order; you pay for it and never receive it. So much for your hard-earned money!

Scammers benefited from panic-buyers and others who ran out of toilet paper and wanted to buy some without having to face the waves of angry customers at supermarkets. Who can blame them, after all? Most markets ran out of toilet papers soon after the pandemic kicked in.

If you fell for either of these scams, you can contact the seller, explain the situation, and ask for your money back or take legal action!

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