Supplements That Have Hidden Dangers: What Should You Know

Supplements That Have Hidden Dangers: What Should You Know

Vitamin supplements are one of the easiest ways to provide your body with necessary nutrients. But did you know that some of them are unhealthy and you shouldn’t takethem  at all?

Many studies show that the alleged benefits of vitamin supplements are unproven and can be harmful. If you follow a daily vitamin supplement plan, you might want to think twice. Experts warn us about some of the most popular vitamin supplements and their hidden dangers.

Here is what you need to know.

Soy Isolate

According to researchers, soy products are used for bone health, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, high cholesterol levels, and improving memory.

But the long-term effects of these soy supplements, such as soy isoflavone, might lead to endometrial hyperplasia, clotting of the lining of the uterus that could increase cancer risk.

Experts recommend eating soy foods, including tofu, soy milk, or edamame, in moderation.


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We know calcium is essential for our bones’ health. But, there’s a catch.

To be adequately absorbed, calcium needs vitamin D, as well. And the extra calcium could end up in your arteries, wrecking your health a lot.

Remember that it’s always best to discuss with a doctor the exact amount of calcium you need.

Red Yeast Rice

Studies found that red yeast rice supports your LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol), lowering them.

However, as great as it might be, red yeast rice supplements have many potential side effects.

“Like statins, red yeast rice can cause exactly the same effects as statins, and that includes muscle, liver, and kidney problems,” explained Dr Marvin M. Lipman, MD, FACP, FACE, from Scarsdale Medical Group.


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Ginkgo is considered one of the most popular herbal supplements used as a natural treatment for glaucoma, anxiety, macular degeneration, and dementia. But experts warn us about it, stating that the side effects of ginkgo can highly outweigh the benefits. The reason?

Ginkgo supplements could trigger the blood pressure to drop too low if taken with blood pressure medications. And that’s not all.

The supplements can also increase and lower blood sugar levels.

Discussing with a doctor what’s best for you is essential if you want to avoid severe side effects!

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