COVID-19 and Other Viruses We Should Be Aware of for This Summer

COVID-19 and Other Viruses We Should Be Aware of for This Summer

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been on our minds since December 2019, and most of us wore masks and washed our hands to protect our loved ones and ourselves from this virus. However, it is not the only virus out there with the potential of putting out children in hospital. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us who are parents tended to worry more about health issues during wintertime. During the cold season, kids tend to get colds, the flu, enteroviruses, parainfluenza 3, influenza, and other related infections. 

This summer, respiratory viruses will be a problem

According to specialists, viruses that typically affected our kids and ourselves during the cold season are now on the loose during this summer. Even respiratory syncytial virus cases (RSV) have seen a surge these past months. 

The question is, why?  

Although it may seem unseasonal, viruses spread when someone coughs, sneezes, or touches an object with unwashed hands. Health providers mention that the cases of RSV have been higher in the U.S this summer than in most winters. This happens because last winter, most of us kept our distance and did not socialize as much. Children studied online and spent most of their time in close contact with direct family members only, rather than the whole community. When the warm season arrived, and many adults got vaccinated, people started to relax, and some safety measures were forgotten. Many children went to summer camp before getting vaccinated, and outbreaks were reported around the U.S. Therefore, just because it is summertime, it does not mean that other viruses are not around, trying to multiply. Safety measures should still be a big part of our lives, and as they say, prevention is the most crucial part. 

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