Bananageddon: Bananas could disappear from the market

Bananageddon: Bananas could disappear from the market

Bananas reduce stress, help digestion, relax the nervous system, and their benefits do not stop here. They also contain a substance called tryptophan, which stimulates serotonin secretion – the hormone of happiness. These fruits could soon become a rarity in the market.

Fusarium is the disease that has already destroyed banana plantations in Australia and Southeast Asia and is spreading to Africa and the Middle East. Specialists think that Latin America follows. The biggest problem is that fusariosis, also called Panama’s disease, is resistant to all existing treatments and is highly contagious. Even if there was any solution, growers should not be quiet because the bacteria may remain latent for years to hit again.

If a farm is hit by the disease, the only solution is to dismantle the entire plantation. The situation is so serious that scientists call it the Bananageddon phenomenon. The forecasts are that bananas can disappear from the market in 10 years, according to a report released by researchers from the University of California.

This opinion is also shared by the University of Florida: “The affected plantations will no longer be able to grow”, said pathologist Randy Ploetz of the educational institution.

Researchers’ plan is to create a superior variety with a better immune system.Bananas could disappear from the market

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