Woodland Park Zoo Giraffe Gives Birth

Woodland Park Zoo Giraffe Gives Birth

When a member of an endangered species of animals gives birth to a new baby to add to the species, it’s always a great reason for joy and celebration. Well, get ready to celebrate, because a new baby giraffe has been brought into this world at the Seattle Park Zoo this Tuesday morning. Tufani, the calf’s mother, is part of an endangered and rare giraffe species, and so is the calf’s father, Dave.

Tufani and Dave, Giraffe Parents

The endangered rare giraffe calf also has a lovely aunt from the same species named Olivia, so it’s all a big happy family affair now. Tufani has given birth for the first time, and she and her mate Dave had conceived the calf earlier this year, around March. Tufani started showing signs of impending labor ever since late in the month of May, but it was only this Tuesday that the baby decided to come to this world.

While the birth was not live-streamed, the zoo staff confirms that Tufani and Dave have a healthy, happy baby. The sex of the calf remains unknown, and it is still too soon to tell. If all goes well, the new member of their family could be introduced to the world a few weeks from now, just like Tsavo the giraffe calf of Dallas Zoo has been this Wednesday.

The Seattle Park Zoo hadn’t seen a giraffe birth in three years prior to this event. Tufani is eight years old, so she still has plenty of time to give birth to other of Dave’s children. And even if she doesn’t, it’s still a miracle and a great occasion for celebration that she brought this lovely rare giraffe into the world. If you want to support the two young giraffe parents, you can send them a gift.

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