Released Photos of Siku The Giraffe Calf Born at The Phoenix Zoo Win The Internet’s Heart

Released Photos of Siku The Giraffe Calf Born at The Phoenix Zoo Win The Internet’s Heart

Earlier this month, a zoo from Phoenix gave everybody wonderful news: a new baby giraffe was born, after 12 years of waiting and hoping. Finally, the 250 pound giraffe calf gets a name and a photo shoot to introduce it to the public.
In a Facebook post, the Phoenix Zoo announced that the baby’s name is Siku, which means “Day”. Looking exactly like a ray of sunshine, the calf is enjoying its early life in the park with its mother, as the published pictures show.

A few days ago Siku was allowed to hang around into her habitat with the other giraffes. Soon, the calf will be introduced to the other animals from the Savannah exhibit but first, she needs to get comfortable with the new environment. All the gazelles and other animals are probably dying to meet her! Siku will meet each species of animals at a time so that it doesn’t come as a shock.
The zoo said that the calf will not be on the exhibit for the following weeks or even months, because it needs to adjust to the barn at first, then to the other animals, before being available to the people. So we need to wait before making plans to visit the Phoenix Zoo, depending on how fast Siku will learn everything.
In the previously mentioned Facebook post, the zoo also released a few photos of Siku, her mom, and the other giraffes, walking through the park, just enjoying the sunshine.

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