Mistreated Dancing Bears Finally Rescued From Nepal

Mistreated Dancing Bears Finally Rescued From Nepal

Nepal’s dancing bears is a tradition that must be put to an end for the sake of wild bears and thanks to wildlife groups the last animal prisoners were rescued. Two sloth bears were rescued during the night by Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal, Nepali Police and World Animal Protection.

At last the bears have been saved

The last two known dancing bears have been saved thanks to brave people. Manoj Gautam from the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal has declared that everyone taking part in this operation is thankful the two dancing bears have been rescued. The two sloth bears had a sad life and endured too much suffering.

Gautam also explained that it took a year to manage and track down those undergoing this illegal operation. It took the involvement of local police and hard effort to release 19-year Old male Rangila and 17-year old female Sridevi.

The bears were in a bad shape

The two sloth bears were distressed and had all the visible signs of psychological trauma: cowering, pacing and paw sucking.

Their life is going to get better at the Amlekhgunj Forest and Wildlife reserve where they are going to receive treatment and start a new and better life. It is going to be a long process.

The capture of the two bears was possible after tracking their owner’s mobile phones.

A stolen bears receive a horrific treatment

Bears are captured as cubs, their mother is killed and their nose gets pierced with a hot needle. The cruel capturers use the nose rope to control the bears and to torture them. The bears do not receive proper care or food.

World Animal Protection worked hard to eradicate this cruel practice from all over the world, including countries such as Greece or China.

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