This Baby Fox Approaches a Truck and is In Need of Urgent Help

This Baby Fox Approaches a Truck and is In Need of Urgent Help

Two truckers found an unusual figure walking by the side of the road toward their vehicle. Fortunately for us, they took a video of it and since it went online in 2013 it went viral and touched everyone’s heart.

The Moving Figure is a Baby Fox

They got off their truck and checked out the figure which they at first thought that it was an object. It actually was a baby fox, also known as a kit. As the men approached it, they saw a terrible thing: it had its head stuck inside a glass jar. The poor animal was so desperate that it ran towards the men as if they were the only change it had to escape from the jar.

What we didn’t understand is how did it catch its head inside that jar? It probably had some leftover inside or maybe the baby fox could smell food inside it and checked inside for some snacks. Unfortunately, the investigation didn’t go as planned and the kit got stuck.

Usually, the kits stay with their moms only until 7 months old, and after that period they learn how to take care of themselves. But at this age, they are still inexperienced and not so matured, so they tend to get in troubles, like this little guy.

Curious Little Fox Gets Saved in the End

The men try to pull the fox out of the jar, but the little furry thing keeps on flailing and kicking. After a while and a new strategy, the fox is freed by being held by the scruff of the neck by one man as the other one tries to remove the jar from the pup’s head.

After the baby fox is free, he runs behind the bushes, but not before looking back at its rescuers. If the truckers wouldn’t have thought to stop, the baby fox would have certainly died.

PETA has kept warning people ever since about their littering. Everyday items are dangerous and can cause serious problems to animals that are searching for food. People are recommended they tightly close all the lids on to jars so that no more animals get stuck inside.

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