42-Year-Old Killer Whale Was Euthanized At SeaWorld

42-Year-Old Killer Whale Was Euthanized At SeaWorld

Kasatka, one of the last killer whales caught in captivity at SeaWorld was euthanized after she was suffering from lung disease for a long time. This is the second case in a month. She was 42 years old, making her the second oldest whale after Corky who was 53 years old.

The orca behaviorist who spent a lot of years working with Kasatka was heartbroken, as they shared precious moments together.

SeaWorld hasn’t caught a wild orca in 40 years; most of those which live there have been born in captivity. Kasatka was captured in 1978, near Iceland.

Orcas will no Longer be Held Captive

After years of pressure prom animal rights protests, SeaWorld has announced that they would no longer breed orcas, ending the program in 2016. This will also stop all the shows and orcas will no longer be held captive.

They have also decided to stop their performances by 2019, after a trainer was killed by the orca Tilikum at a show in 2010 under visitors’ eyes. The death of the trainer Dawn Brancheau triggered criticism towards the SeaWorld Company, which was later criticized in the ‘Blackfish’ documentary focusing on the orca care.

Now SeaWorld has 21 captive orcas in the United States. The youngest one is Amaya, which was born in December 2014. Researchers can go and study them in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.

PETA Wants All The Orcas Released

A local group has gathered near the San Diego Park to commemorate Kasatka; and also called for releasing orcas in coastal sanctuaries in order to be free.

PETA’s Senior Vice President stated that in order to avoid press scandal, SeaWorld didn’t give assurance that the orca had a good quality life and agrees on sending the other mammals to sanctuaries before they go sick like Kasatka.

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