Why It’s Better To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions

Why It’s Better To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions

It is a known fact that antibiotics are one of the most common treatment when it comes to various illnesses. However, experts have determined that in many cases, patients do not need them, and they only solution of their health problems is plenty or rest and fluids.

This conclusion came from Public Health England (PHE), and they determined that using antibiotics when it is not the case will also make them useless and it will make it harder to treat actual bugs that are very resistant.

Sometimes drugs are not needed

PHE revealed that a cold or any other common illness should not be treated with antibiotics. In fact, more normal solutions are recommended, including a lot of rest for the patient.”We don’t often need antibiotics for common conditions. The majority of us will get infections from time to time and will recover because of our own immunity,” declared Prof Paul Cosford, medical director at Public Health England.

Drug-resistant infections become harder to combat

If you overuse antibiotics when it is unnecessary you will make them weaker and it will be more difficult to combat drug-resistant infections. “The fact is if you take an antibiotic when you don’t need it then you’re more likely to have an infection that the antibiotics don’t work for over the coming months,” Prof Cosford explained.

In fact, around 5000 persons die every year in England because of these infections. First-choice antibiotics cannot treat four in ten cases of bloodstream E. coli infections.

And things are worse than it appears. It is estimated that by 2050, more people will die from drug-resistant infections than they currently die from cancer. These worrisome results are another reason why we should avoid antibiotic prescriptions that are not needed.

There is also a Keep Antibiotics Working campaign that aims to inform people about these risks.

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