Wheatgrass Shot – Fountain of Eternal Youth

Wheatgrass Shot – Fountain of Eternal Youth

Ever since the beginning of times, humans have tried to find the fountain of eternal youth but despite all the astonishing discoveries that have been made, maintaining youth remains a mystery. Over a hundred of chemical elements have been discovered, along with thousands of factors that influence nutrition and health, yet we are so far from discovering the secret to eternal good looks. In fact, if you consider the current degenerative general health state, you’ll realize we have somehow managed to take few steps in the wrong direction.

People seem to believe more and more in supplements and artificial ways of restoring cells but what if we told you the answer has been right in front of you all this time? Despite everyone being an ‘expert’ in nutrition nowadays, a very small percentage of the population understands that living a responsible, environmental friendly lifestyle is the answer. Replace the supplements with locally grown vegetables and you will notice a difference not only in your energy levels but in your looks as well as your skin will start glowing.

One example of a natural energy booster that will also make you look younger is wheatgrass. Did you know that just one shot per day will help rejuvenate the aging cells and tighten loose skin? Add cleansing blood and thus fighting cancer cells and you’ve got yourself a winner. Yes, its taste may not be the most pleasant one in the world but the benefits you get from just one gulp of wheatgrass juice are priceless. If the taste is too much for you, dilute with a bit of lemon or apple juice and your problem has come to an end.

Just think about this: fifteen pounds of wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of vegetables. Its curative capacities are owed to the 70% chlorophyll composition but wheatgrass also contains 80 enzymes, 13 vitamins, 90 minerals and 17 essential amino acids, all key factors for healthy cells and tissues.

Drinking one shot of wheatgrass juice per day not only will give you an incredible energy boost but it will also boost your immune system health. Your liver gets purified from all the toxic poisons we take in every day and the blood gets cleansed as it gets oxygenated. Chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical in structure so when the body absorbs chlorophyll, oxygen is transported through the cells to support our body in its rejuvenating, strengthening process. And when blood is oxygenated, the hemoglobin production is stimulated, which will help your body fight against tumors.

Did we mention chlorophyll has been scientifically proven to be an anti-cancer agent? This 70% chlorophyll natural product boosts the production of red blood cells and creates an alkaline rich environment. And alkaline rich environments are cancer cells’ worst enemy!

Other benefits of wheatgrass juice consist of healed eczemas and other skin disorders and it can also reverse gray hairs back to their natural color as described by Ann Wigmore in “The Wheatgrass Book”.

Give it a go for at least 14 days and let us know your opinion on the subject, has wheatgrass juice changed your life yet?


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