Aging Gracefully is Not a Secret Anymore, Researchers Say

Aging Gracefully is Not a Secret Anymore, Researchers Say

This is by far the most exciting thing you might come across that researchers have discovered! Apparently, dietary adjustments in yeast can lead to good aging without the limitation of calories. It would appear that a study team was able to increase general health and prevent cellular aging by converting the yeast’s diet from glucose to galactose at an early age. This suggests that dietary modifications, rather than calorie restriction, might promote lifespan and well-being in later life. So, practically, there’s no secret in aging gracefully.

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Based on their research with yeast, a group of scientists from the Babraham Institute have proposed an alternate correlation between one’s diet and the aging process. The findings of the trials conducted by Dr. Jon Houseley and his team provide further insight into this topic. They were also successful in proving that good aging is attainable by dietary adjustment without limitation and that poor health is not an unavoidable component of the aging process. This was done by possibly optimizing nutrition.

We show that diet in early life can switch yeast onto a healthier trajectory. By giving yeast a different diet without restricting calories, we were able to suppress senescence, when cells no longer divide, and loss of fitness in aged cells, explained Dr Dorottya Horkai, lead researcher on the study.

Because yeast and humans share many of the same components of their cellular machinery, yeast are useful as models for the study of aging. When compared to prolonged and extreme calorie restriction, this line of study in yeast allows us to discover a more realistic strategy to enhance healthy aging through food. However, further research is still required.

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