Yunnan Baiyao: Can It Treat Cancer?

Yunnan Baiyao: Can It Treat Cancer?

Despite the undeniable advancements that humanity has been through in recent decades when it comes to science in general and medicine in particular, cancer remains the second-leading cause of death on the planet. A number of roughly 10 million people die from cancer each and every year across the globe, but another interesting fact is that over 40% of cancer-related deaths could be preventable.

If you regularly have poor diets, a lack of physical activity, and abuse alcohol and smoking, your chances of developing cancer increase. In other words, it’s clear that the world could use more ways to fight cancer.

Yunnan Baiyao (YNBY) is a proprietary traditional Chinese drug marketed and used as a hermostatic product for both human and veterinary alternative medicine. Among the purported uses and benefits of the medication, we can also find the possibility of acting as a potential cancer treatment.

Can Yunnan Baiyao be efficient against cancer?

Thanks to the official website of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (, we can learn about the possibility that the Yunnan Baiyao drug might overcome cancer. What’s for sure is that there aren’t any clinical trials on the possibility that the medication might help cancer patients, but there are case reports suggesting that topical YNBY used along with usual interventions could help decrease the loss of blood for those who suffer from cancer.

Otherwise, the Yunnan Baiyao drug has other purported uses and benefits that could make a lot of people happy. For instance, the drug can allegedly help in pain relief, arthritis, oral health, and stopping bleeding. But again, more studies are needed for each of these claims.

What are the possible side effects?

The possible side effects of taking Yunnan Baiyao only qualify as mild, but they can still surely cause a lot of discomfort. The list includes rash, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and gastroesophageal reflux.

However, an important medical warning when it comes to Yunnan Baiyao is that taking the drug could stimulate the growth of hormone-sensitive breast cancer.

The list of contraindications should also concern you if you’re tempted to take the Chinese drug, as the act could result in bleeding disorders. Also, pregnant women shouldn’t consume the formula.


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