We All Should Know About a Highly-Contagious Virus That’s Spreading Among Dogs

We All Should Know About a Highly-Contagious Virus That’s Spreading Among Dogs

Dogs are some of the most amazing and loyal creatures God has put on Earth, as having one as a pet can be a true blessing. It’s estimated that more than half of the US population owns at least one dog.

Unfortunately, our furry friends can also suffer from serious health problems. Learning how to take good care of them is crucial if you own such a wonderful pet. 

Watch out for the Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex

Vets are now warning us about a highly contagious virus known as the Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex that more and more dogs are dealing with, and dog owners need to be aware of. The virus has reached canines from the southwest part of Florida, according to WinkNews.com.

If your dog develops kennel coughing, a runny nose, or congestion, you should take it to a vet as soon as possible. Ensuring that you’ve given your dog all the needed vaccines is also a good choice as a prevention method. But if your animal is manifesting the symptoms mentioned earlier, there’s a chance it has been infected with the virus in question.

Ronald Young, who’s a Fort Myers resident, said as WinkNews.com quotes:

Absolutely nobody would like their pets getting sick and dealing with the thoughts of that afterward, but I think if people are watching the dog, picking up after them, just promoting clean atmosphere, I think an outdoor park like this, even though you have that small concern… it’s a benefit for the pets to get out.

How to prevent your dog from getting infected with the highly contagious virus? Keeping it away from contact with other dogs could also be a good method, although the animal will obviously suffer. Dogs need the attention of one another.

Feel free to tell us about your dog, if you have one, and how you choose to take care of it!

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