Smart Ways To Treat Headaches Without Using Any Medication

Smart Ways To Treat Headaches Without Using Any Medication

Any doctor will say that headaches can be triggered by many things. The daily stress, insecurity, obsessive fear, worries, personal problems, all of which can often cause headaches. If you refuse to take any medication, you will be happy to hear that there is another way!

If you made this decision, learn to treat your headaches with natural remedies. This requires a lot of patience and confidence that what you do will help. Try to relax, to put aside all of your worries and focus on what you think can help you get rid of the headaches.

Efficient Exercises

Gently massage your head, starting with the scalp, the neck, the forehead, the point between the eyebrows and above the nose. As far as you can, do some head and shoulder movements.

With a little bit of olive oil do a hand massage starting with your fingertips. Carefully massage each finger starting from the top and descending to the roots.

Grab the thumb and the right-hand pointer, the place where the bones of the thumb and the left-hand pointer bind together, and massage that point. You will breathe more easily and you will feel the things around you become brighter.

When wearing soft socks or slippers, try to walk on your toes. Maybe you will not succeed for the first time, but don’t give up. Keep trying. Walking on the tips of your fingers relaxes gives energy, puts the blood in motion, makes you more confident in your own strengths and sometimes it can be fun.

Natural remedies

A calming tea could also be helpful in case of a severe headache. Drink a warm mint tea, sweetened with a teaspoonful of honey. It is refreshing if you add a few drops of lemon juice. Tea calms headaches, heals insomnia and restores the nervous system balance.

At home or at work, add a bowl of flower petals and strong aromas on your desk: thyme, basil, mint, pine. Do not refresh the air with chemical odors. Headaches may also be triggered by the substances contained by perfume.

Drink less coffee, give up ice cream and cold drinks from the refrigerator, do not consume energy drinks, no matter how tired you feel. Drink a glass of mineral water. It contains the minerals needed to energize the body and stop headaches.

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