COVID-19: West Virginia Governor Says “We’re Gonna Lose a Bunch More People”

COVID-19: West Virginia Governor Says “We’re Gonna Lose a Bunch More People”

West Virginia is one of the American states that goes through a lot of trouble due to the COVID pandemic. The Delta variant keeps causing the surge that made the US go back to the dreadful numbers of COVID stats. For instance, the country reported over 123,000 infections and almost 2,200 deaths for yesterday (September 29), according to

According to CNN, West Virginia has become one of the American states that have the lowest vaccination rates. The same publication raises awareness in another article about West Virginia’s status, as well as quoting the statements of Gov. Jim Justice, who said:

We’re gonna lose a bunch more people, West Virginia, no question about that.

He added, as also cited by CNN:

All I can possibly do, with a good conscience, is continue to urge you, in every way, to get vaccinated.

Furthermore, the number of COVID patients present in ICUs has reached an all-time record: 298 individuals, according to the governor.

“We’ve been too complacent”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is the former FDA Commissioner, declared as quoted by CNN:

We’ve been too complacent about the spread of respiratory diseases in the wintertime,

With a twin threat of flu and Covid circulating, we’re not going to be able to enjoy that complacency anymore,

I think we’re going to have to readjust how we live our lives.

Our World in Data reveals the unexpected stats regarding COVID vaccinations. Only 45.2% of the world’s population has been vaccinated for the coronavirus with at least one of the necessary doses.

As we can see from data brought by, the USA is devastated by the ongoing pandemic. The country reported a total number of over 44.2 million infections and more than 713,000 deaths caused by the COVID pandemic.

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