Bill Gates Brings Terrifying Claim: The Worst of the COVID Pandemic Might Still Be Yet to Come

Bill Gates Brings Terrifying Claim: The Worst of the COVID Pandemic Might Still Be Yet to Come

The COVID pandemic has proven to be very cunning and difficult to predict throughout its relatively short history of over two years. You think that it’s over, and suddenly a new wave and strain can emerge ‘out of nowhere.’

Bill Gates is known as one of those famous people who has been very active in the media when it comes to claims regarding the coronavirus. The Microsoft founder is now bringing another shocking claim that will cause a lot of fuss.

We might not have seen the worst of the COVID pandemic

According to Insider, Bill Gates said the following during an interview for Financial Times:

We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal,

He also added:

It’s not likely, I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom, but it’s way above a 5% risk that this pandemic, we haven’t even seen the worst of it.

As for how the pandemic went until now, the stats are as terrifying as they can be. If we take a look at, we find out that over 513.7 million infections with COVID were reported around the world since the very start of the pandemic. Also, the total number of those who lost the battle with the coronavirus and died reaches 6.2 million souls. 

But there’s also some good news brought by the same source regarding the COVID pandemic: almost 468.2 million people recovered after suffering from COVID.

We can all just hope that Bill Gates isn’t right and do our best to stay protected from the virus. The businessman warned back in 2015 that the world is not prepared for a pandemic. Some speculated that Gates knew something about the pandemic that would erupt 5 years later, but it was most likely a coincidence.


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