What does depression feel like?

What does depression feel like?

Depression is a word that most people are familiar with, but the experience, not so much. While the older generations are skeptical of depression, chalking to people just needing to snap out of it and eating better, younger generations are more aware of depression symptoms and what the condition entails.

However, no matter how much you might feel towards a person suffering from depression, the fact of the matter is, no two people experience the condition in the same way, further complicating the situation.

Furthermore, alongside the different presentation of symptoms, there is also the social stigma towards depression to contend with. And even if you find yourself in a supportive environment, where people push you to get treatment for depression in Dubai from, the years of stigma formulate a personal bias, preventing one from seeking help.

Hence, it is imperative that for greater empathy towards the condition, one knows what it feels like to have depression. It not only then helps in timely identification of depression, but it can also help in changing societal perception of mental health problems, so those suffering from such problems find a space where there are no impediments in getting help.

What does depression feel like?


Anxiety and similar mood problems are also a common theme in depression. It is also easier to become more overwhelmed with worry when you are depressed.

Aches and pains

Depression not only causes your mind and soul to hurt, but your physical body also hurts. There are miscellaneous pains and aches around the body in those people suffering from depression.


Depression causes people to feel empty on the inside. They feel they are constantly surrounded by dark clouds of sadness. They regularly experience low mood. Joy becomes a foreign concept to them.

Friction in life

As many people are unable to understand the struggles of a person with depression, depressed people tend to lose many friends and loved ones during their battle with the disease. Their lack of social energy, absence, and low moods repel people. It causes them to become further isolated.

Lack of hope

A salient theme with depression is a lack of positive emotions, like hope. It then causes a feeling of perpetual negativity, as if nothing good will ever happen. Naturally, it also then makes one unhappy.

Hopelessness also presents as lack of faith in one’s abilities, which morphs into self-loathing and self-hate. If left unchecked, it can also fuel the thoughts of suicide, which is why getting urgent depression treatment in Dubai is imperative, before matters escalate to the point of self-harm. 

Lack of pleasure

Imagine not finding joy in activities that you enjoy, and that is just a peep into the life of people who have depression. Even if they want to, they cannot find pleasure in activities that once made them happy.

Dietary changes

Since your diet and hormones are closely tied, depression leads to changes in appetite. Some people might eat too much, others might stop eating. Consequently, there are changes in weight then.


People who are depressed tend to have less energy to function than other people. Even the mundane tasks may require more energy from them, and they thus might not be able to do them, because of the bone-deep fatigue. While some can function on a basic level, for others, the mere act of getting out of bed is extremely cumbersome.

Sleep changes

Just like diet, sleep also gets disturbed by stress. It can either make people sleep too little, or too much. Moreover, since sleep has an impact on your overall wellbeing, your health in general is also then affected.


Crying during depression is a common practice. Sometimes, you know why you are crying; the emotions overwhelm you, you are sad, you are hurt, etc. Other times, the tears might come without any rhyme or reason.

Getting help

If you can relate to these symptoms of depression, you might be depressed, and it helps to seek an expert for confirmation and treatment. For depression treatment in Dubai, you can visit fitcyhealth.com and choose from its over 200 experts and get the help you need. 

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