Strong Covid Protection Without The Third Dose? It’s Possible In This Particular Case

Strong Covid Protection Without The Third Dose? It’s Possible In This Particular Case

The covid madness continues all over the world,, and headlines everywhere include the subject, freaking people out.

One of the most debated issues these days is the efficiency of the vaccines versus the potential side effects that these can trigger for some individuals.

People all over the world are divided into the group of vaccine enthusiasts and others who are more cautious about the final outcome of the vaccines. 

Booster covid vaccines in the news 

There’s been a lot of talk about the necessity of booster covid vaccines these days. The third dose has been addressed by experts, and for now, it’s not mandatory for everyone, according to the latest reports. 

Fox Business just revealed that people who both had Covid-19 and are vaccinated don’t need to rush to get the boosters now rolling out across the U.S., health experts say.

“Millions of Americans who have received Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE’s Covid-19 vaccine now qualify for an additional dose, under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of shots for seniors and certain at-risk adults,” the website’s article points out.


Some of the people who qualify are people who have been infected with the disease, either before they were vaccinated or after, according to the same notes. 

There are also a few studies that suggest the following fact:

“people who have had Covid-19 and were fully vaccinated have strong protection, including against variants, and probably don’t need the boost, though the research is preliminary and data is incomplete, according to scientists who specialize in vaccines and immunology.”

Fox Business also made sure to point out that people who were infected and vaccinated “just won the game,” said Dr. Paul Offit.

He is a member of the FDA’s advisory panel on vaccines. It’s also worth noting that he supports boosters for older adults but not a widespread campaign this time.

“I wouldn’t ask them to get a booster dose. I think they just got it” by exposure to the coronavirus.”

Stay tuned for more relevant news. 

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