Scarlet Fever In The UK – Could US Be Next?

Scarlet Fever In The UK – Could US Be Next?

Besides covid, there are more issues that we should be terrified about, according to the mainstream media. Check out the latest reports about all this below.

Scarlet fever in the UK

The outbreak in the UK – 7,750 cases and 16 deaths in England, according to the UK Health Security Agency—has been attributed to scarlet fever, a complication of group A strep infection that combines the painful swallowing and high fever of strep throat with a raised, inflamed rash, a reaction to toxins the bacteria produce.

According to the online publication Wired, “On light-colored skin, the rash is bright scarlet. (It can be hard to detect the color on dark skin, but the rough bumpiness can be felt.) Scarlet fever is a reportable illness in the British health system: When diagnosed in an adult or child, the case is flagged in its information system and aggregated into national data.”

That’s not the case in the US. “It’s one of the challenges we have, that so much in the US goes unreported,” says Anthony Flores, a physician-scientist who researches streptococcus and is chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UTHealth Houston.

He continued and said the following:

“Anecdotally, we hear that cases exist, but we just don’t know what the number of cases is in the US right now.”

The latest medical news

Remaining in the medical field, we should reveal that the Pfizer vaccine continues to pop up. Check out the latest reports here. 

FDA talks about the Pfizer vaccine 

Check out the following relevant tweets.


Here’s another relevant tweet about the issue:


More controversial reports have been made via Twitter’s users and you can check them out for yourselves in the thread on Twitter.

Someone posted the following message:

“Apparently, this is an open meeting with the fda where @stkirsch tried to warn them and get them to look into what was going on. Things that are now becoming common knowledge. They knew, they did nothing, and here we are. No edit button, so this is the update.”

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