“Psychological Warfare,” Is How Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Described the Pandemic

“Psychological Warfare,” Is How Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Described the Pandemic

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has something really important to say about the pandemic. Check out how he described the pandemic. “If you induce a chronic anxiety or fear state, and isolate someone from people they love, and dehumanize them by putting a face diaper on… they become vulnerable, gullible & very easy to manipulate.”

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko reveals shocking truths

Here is the tweet that sheds light on the matter:


Vladimir Zelenko is a Ukrainian-American family physician and writer who gained notoriety for advocating a three-drug mix of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin as a part of experimental outpatient therapy for COVID-19, which he dubbed the Zelenko Protocol. He was praised for his work and was nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Nobel Prize, while also being hailed as a hero at a US Senate Homeland Security committee hearing. However, Zelenko was also banned from Twitter.

News about the covid booster from Moderna

Recently, a senator made accusations against individuals who claimed that the Covid booster was “safe and effective”, alleging that they were lying and committing malfeasance.

Reports have indicated that 1 in 35 recipients of the Moderna Covid booster experienced Myocarditis.

Meanwhile, British PM Sunak has also faced accusations of malfeasance in public office for investing $500 million into Moderna and pushing for the vaccine rollout, which allowed Moderna to establish significant business interests in the UK.

The senator further claimed that Sunak knew his actions would personally profit him and alleged that the claims of the vaccine being “safe and effective” were false, with vaccination rates correlated with an increase in deaths. Over the last 12 months, 30,000 excess deaths were reported, partly due to these injections. Additionally, excess deaths in Australia were 27% above expected levels. We suggest that you take a look at our previous article as well.

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