Covid Vaccine Tragedy: Boston Hospital Refuses Heart Transplant For Unvaccinated Man

Covid Vaccine Tragedy: Boston Hospital Refuses Heart Transplant For Unvaccinated Man

The novel coronavirus is here to stay a little longer and continues to disrupt normal life. As you know by now, life hasn’t been normal for more than two years now. Our reality is now governed by fear and uncertainty and we can only hope that this will change soon due to the immunity coming naturally, some immunization from covid vaccines, and thanks to the viable covid treatments. 

Herd immunity in front of this terrible disease is the only thing that could save us and help us get back to normality or, at least, something as close as possible to normality. 

There are two camps worldwide since the deployment of the covid vaccines, unfortunately – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and the gap between the two is getting bigger and more terrifying with each passing day. Check out the latest reports. 

Boston hospital refuses heart transplant for an unvaccinated patient 

CBS News just revealed the fact that a Boston hospital says it won’t consider performing a heart transplant on a patient who refuses to get vaccinated against covid 19, CBS Boston reports.

DJ Ferguson, 31 years old, is fighting for his life at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and he reportedly is in desperate need of a heart transplant.

His father, David Ferguson told CBS Boston: “has gone to the edge of death to stick to his guns and he’s been pushed to the limit.”

DJ’s family explained the fact that he was at the front of the line to receive a transplant but hospital policy stipulates that he’s no longer eligible because he hasn’t received the covid vaccine.


And David Ferguson says his son simply won’t.

“It’s kind of against his basic principles — he doesn’t believe in it,” David Ferguson says.

He continued and explained this:

“It’s a policy they are enforcing and so, because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list (for) a heart transplant.”

Brigham and Women’s released a statement which said the following:

“Like many other transplant programs in the United States – the COVID-19 vaccine is one of several vaccines and lifestyle behaviors required for transplant candidates in the Mass General Brigham system in order to create both the best chance for a successful operation and also the patient’s survival after transplantation.”

We suggest that you check out more about this in the original notes. 

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