Covid New Scandalous Decision: State Supreme Court Judge Rules NY’s Mask Mandate “Unconstitutional, Null, Void, And Unenforceable”

Covid New Scandalous Decision: State Supreme Court Judge Rules NY’s Mask Mandate “Unconstitutional, Null, Void, And Unenforceable”

More and more scandalous covid-related news keeps pouring in, and we’re here to let you know all about it. As we already reported by now, there is a lot of data changing the narrative involving the covid restrictions and the pandemic overall.

Now, it seems that there is a new decision that will definitely trigger a massive scandal in ideas out there. Check out the complete reports involving mask mandates in New York City.

New York’s mask mandate 

It’s been revealed by more media outlets that a State Supreme Court judge ruled New York’s mask mandate “unconstitutional,” and declared it “null, void and unenforceable.”

Latest decision triggers massive confusion 

As you probably expect, this triggered a massive controversy among Twitter followers who read the news. 

There are all kinds of actions that authorities are taking these days which lead to a lot of confusion among people all over the world. As you know by now, our lives have been governed by fear and uncertainty for more than two years now, and things don’t quite seem to get any better, especially considering the massive wave of the Omicron variant in the middle of which we are.

A follower posted this message: “the highest court in NY is the Court of Appeals. But this Court of original juristiction, one of many – this one located in Nassau County, held in favor of freedom. let’s see how it proceeds up the ladder.”


Someone else said: “The state will likely appeal. They also can circumvent and enact through the legislature.”

Another follower dropped this message: “I mean realistically the mandate is going to be dropped before anything finishes going through the courts imo. Even mainstream media is changing tune. By end of Feb, I think NY drops it.”

As you can see, people are getting more and more confused with all the decisions that the authorities are taking all over the world. The UK just dropped all restrictions, there are a lot of protests all over the place, there are more and more data about the ways in which the covid-related deaths are counted, and so on. The latest reports are truly confusing and lead to more accusations about the ways in which the pandemic was addressed by authorities out there. 

Stay tuned for the latest news, and make sure to remain safe. We’ll eventually get through this and the brighter days of normality are probably closer than we might hope. 

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