CDC Unveils 6 New Destinations Marked With “Very High Covid-19 Travel Risk”

CDC Unveils 6 New Destinations Marked With “Very High Covid-19 Travel Risk”

Traveling became a spiny business due to the novel coronavirus and the disaster that it created all over the world. Just the other day, we were revealing that USA Today Travel noted that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had updated its guidance for travelers who are at increased risk for severe illness from Covid 19 to recommend they avoid cruise ships, regardless of vaccination status.

Also, another essential issue that is worth mentioning is the fact that the new guidance applies to older adults, people with certain medical conditions, and pregnant and recently pregnant women.

Before this recent announcement, the agency recommended that only people who were not fully vaccinated against the disease triggered by the novel virus avoid cruise ships.

Credit:, Stephanie Edwards
Credit:, Stephanie Edwards

The same online publication mentioned above notes that the change comes as the U.S. faces its fourth wave of Covid 19, driven by the Delta variant.

CDC added 5 destinations to the “high risk” travel list 

Now, CNN notes that the Bahamas and Morocco are now among the highest-risk destinations for travelers, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s regularly revised travel advisories list.
It’s also been reported that people should avoid traveling to locations designated with the “Level 4: Covid-19 Very High” notice, the CDC recommends.

CNN also noted that all individuals who must travel should be fully vaccinated first, according to the agency. 

Six destinations moved to the Level 4 list on August 23:
Sint Maarten

The CDC’s list of travel notices ranges from Level 1 (“low”) to Level 4 (“very high”). This list suffers continuous changes. 

The novel coronavirus changes our lives, and this is probably for good. We’re in the middle of new normality, and life is now governed by uncertainty and fear due to the new virus that can trigger a terrible disease called Covid-19. 

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