Eliminate The Soul With Medicine – It’s Been Already Happening

Eliminate The Soul With Medicine – It’s Been Already Happening

Rudolf Steiner accurately summarizes the events of recent years. It is difficult for me to understand how anyone can remain unaware after witnessing the numerous injustices and wrongdoings committed against us. Therefore, I can only conclude that there is a group of individuals who have lost touch with their spiritual essence and are trapped in materialism, mistaking shadows for reality while dwelling in a cave.

It is not only the COVID vaccine that has been created with this purpose in mind. Jonas Salk, the creator of the Polio vaccine, expressed similar intentions in his book “Survival of the Wisest” which has been in circulation for quite some time.

Someone commented: “Yep, he has so many profound writings on all kinds of issues. He also wrote heavily about the electrification of our world and it’s capacity to suppress spiritual perception. He was way ahead of his time in many areas.”

Someone noted the following: “Steiner was a Freemason. This write up is predictive programming to make people see their reality through the lens he designs for them. It’s speaking more to illusion warfare than to the future they’re trying to usher in. All designed to get you to live in that dystopian reality in your mind without it ever needing to be a real world experience.”

Another follower said: “Even freemasonry is a mix of eternal knowledge and hierarchy. He called out evil big time. That’s why they burned his wooden masterpiece building and poisoned him. He was true and his teachings deep and magnificent.”

“Take solace, our souls are much stronger and more resilient than these people can imagine. I too was materialistic and nihilistic. I have since turned back to God. God will not be mocked and will reach his children. It is only those who knowingly turn from God who will be lost.”

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