Covid Vaccines Could Re-Activate Viruses/Disease

Covid Vaccines Could Re-Activate Viruses/Disease

It’s been just revealed that the covid vaccines could reactivate viruses and diseases in one’s body. Check out the latest reports here.

Covid vaccines’ harmful effects

According to the latest reports, there is new evidence in the scientific community indicating that there is a strong correlation between COVID-19, its related vaccines, and the reactivation of other viruses which have previously infected the host. This article will dive deeper into the nuances.

How Can Viruses Be Reactivated? Here’s what the author of The Epoch Times’ new article posted:
“In the number of years I spent in the military as a microbiologist, I’ve always been quite impressed with how shrewd viruses can get.

During viral infections, viruses have to deal with the defense of the immune systems. If the immune system has the upper hand and defeats the viruses, viruses might develop mechanisms to stay dormant and become inactivated. One such mechanism is to insert their viral DNA into cells’ chromosomes, staying in latency without active replication.”


Covid vaccines triggered excess deaths in 2022

BBC News has finally admitted what many independent outlets have been reporting on for the last few years: Covid jabs are causing ‘excess deaths’ among the vaccinated population.

“England and Wales suffered the highest number of excess deaths in over half a century in 2022, and a non-stop weekly rally of excess deaths since week 16 of 2022 that equates to 62,543 excess deaths as of March 2023,” according to a BBC report.

The BBC, a publicly funded propaganda arm of the UK government, and its reporters have knowingly lied since the outset of the pandemic about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine. reports: They unequivocally stated that the Covid-19 vaccine was not responsible for a record-breaking year of death, providing a “source” to prove it. They claimed that figures up to June 2022, looking at deaths from all causes, showed unvaccinated people were more likely to die than vaccinated people.


Pfizer vaccines – Pfizer knew their vaccines are killing

According to the latest reports, it seems that there were 31% higher deaths in the vax group in the “gold standard” Phase 3 clinical trials. How do we know that none of those deaths were caused by the vaccine? Because Pfizer didn’t think so!

“There were 31.2% higher deaths in the “gold standard” Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trials. There is only one way to know whether or not the vaccine caused any of the deaths in the 21 vaccinated patients who died: proper histopathology.

Pfizer never did it and the FDA never asked for it.”

The same notes reveal this: “This was the biggest mistake in the pandemic and nobody has acknowledged that or lifted a finger to correct it (as I point out below). Had they done the proper testing on the 21 deaths, the vaccine would never have been approved.”

It’s also been revealed the following: 

“In lieu of the proper tests, there were assurances from Pfizer that nobody died from the vaccine. That’s absurd. We need the tests, not assurances. The tests are cheap and dispositive. We can fix this in a New York minute, but nobody wants to know the answer.”

The same article continued and said that with a 31.2% higher rate of death for those in the treatment group, because that difference was not statistically significant, we have to look at the autopsy results of all 21 people who died to see if there is a problem.

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