Covid Shots Are The Leading Cause Of Unidentified Deaths

Covid Shots Are The Leading Cause Of Unidentified Deaths

It has been just revealed the fact that the covid shits are the leading cause of unidentified deaths. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Covid shots responsible for unexplained deaths

Here is a tweet that is relevant to the issue.

The review was “literally flying off the shelf” until The Lancet suddenly pulled the paper off its pre-print server, saying the conclusions were not supported by the methodology.

But “it’s a standard search methodology,” said Dr. Peter McCullough. “And again, it’s autopsy. So there’s not too much to disagree with.”

“People are basically crying out medical censorship by Lancet,” he continued. “And the question is, who called Lancet? Who actually raised objection to have Lancet do this overnight?”

Cancer virus found in covid shots

There are reports stating that there are issues with the COVID-19 vaccines, which unfortunately may involve cancer. According to Dr. McCullough, a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA called SV40 is present in the shots.

It is believed that the vaccines promote cancer through SV40 and impede our ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor system.

The data shows that there is an increase in cancer rates across all systems, making this a serious issue. While it is inarguable that cancer rates are up, the question remains as to how much of this is due to the vaccines. Additionally, the COVID shots have cDNA contamination, which contains little fragments of DNA that come from the manufacturing process. Shockingly, one of these fragments is SV40, known for promoting cancer.

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