Covid 19 Booster Shots Are Coming To People Fully Vaccinated With Pfizer And Moderna

Covid 19 Booster Shots Are Coming To People Fully Vaccinated With Pfizer And Moderna

It’s been just revealed that the Biden administration is expected to call for a third Covid 19 shot for Americans who have been fully vaccinated with the two-shot regimen. 

The Wall Street Journal cited the threat from the highly contagious Delta variant and, more than that heightened concerns over data showing that the initial immunity is waning over time. 

The online publication mentioned above notes that this announcement is likely to cover the more than 155 million people in the U.S. who have been fully vaccinated with messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE or from Moderna Inc., according to people familiar with the planning.

According to the latest reports, the booster shot would be administered about eight months after the second dose of the vaccine.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

“Regulators already cleared booster shots for people with compromised immune systems. Under the expanded plan, people 65 and older and individuals in chronic-care facilities are expected to get boosters first, followed by health workers and others in the population, the people said. The third dose will be of the same vaccine from the two-dose regimen,” the WSJ noted. 

It’s been also revealed that the Food and Drug Administration has been weighing whether adults who received Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose shot will also need another Covid-19 vaccine shot as well.

Coronavirus origins are under debate 

The origins of the novel coronavirus and various issues surrounding patient zero have been debated for quite a while now, and the theories continue. 

It’s been just revealed that all the present theories might be heading in the wrong direction, according to an American virologist who addressed Bloomberg.

The virologist addresses a type of cover-up that experts might have missed so far. You can find out more about all this in our previous article and in the Bloomberg notes. 

Stay tuned for more relevant news. 

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