The M94 Double Ring Galaxy Will Leave You Speechless

The M94 Double Ring Galaxy Will Leave You Speechless

If you thought that Saturn is the only space object that possesses rings, you are terribly wrong. Other space bodies can fit that description as well, and one good example is the M94 (aka Messier 94) Double Ring Galaxy that has been photographed by the guys from NASA recently. 

Located in the constellation Canes Venatici, Messier 94 is a captivating spiral galaxy due to its rings. This celestial structure was first spotted by Pierre Méchain back in 1781 and promptly documented by Charles Messier just two days later. While some sources classify M94 as a barred spiral galaxy, the characteristic “bar” structure seems to have an oval shape, adding a unique touch to its wonderful appearance.

Rings of stars surround the M94 galaxy

Newborn stars surround the M94 galaxy by forming rings. While that may only sound a poetic note, it’s actually the objective truth when it comes to the Messier 94 galaxy. 

NASA’s new insight into the M94 Double Ring Galaxy also qualifies as one of the space agency’s pics of the day. Feel free to feast your eyes on it below:


NASA explained about the new image: 

Most galaxies don’t have any rings of stars and gas — why does M94 have two? First, spiral galaxy M94 has an inner ring of newly formed stars surrounding its nucleus, giving it not only an unusual appearance but also a strong interior glow. A leading origin hypothesis holds that an elongated knot of stars known as a bar rotates in M94 and has generated a burst of star formation in this inner ring. Observations have also revealed another ring, an outer ring, one that is more faint, different in color, not closed, and relatively complex.

The American space agency will surely uncover more and more secrets of the Universe, so stay tuned for more relevant and exciting news!

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