Visiting MSK Basking Ridge: Available Services, Care Team, and Other Key Facts

Visiting MSK Basking Ridge: Available Services, Care Team, and Other Key Facts

Patients who have cancer can get specialized care at MSK Basking Ridge, which may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy. The physicians, nurses, and other members of the staff are all reportedly compassionate and knowledgeable, as stated in the evaluations. It has also been claimed that the effectiveness and attention to detail have been paid thoroughly. We have put up an informative mini-guide to MSK Basking Ridge, which includes details on the care team and the services that are currently offered.

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Available Services

Patients can get easier access to MSK’s world-class cancer care services, such as the following:

  1. immunotherapy
  2. surgical, medical, and radiation oncology checkups
  3. mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, and PET imaging
  4. chemotherapy
  5. clinical tests
  6. radiation treatment, including stereotactic and intensity-modulated radiation treatment
  7. a breast screening program for at-risk patients
  8. dermatology services (an expert in Mohs surgery)
  9. supportive assistance, including genetic counseling, integrative medicine, pain management, nutrition, and social work
  10. thyroid cancer support

The Team Provides Professional Medical Care

At MSK Basking Ridge, physicians, nurses, and other professionals form care teams for each individual patient. Patients have remarked that the medical attention and treatment they receive are provided in a professional manner and are effective. The fact that in addition to providing medical treatment for a patient, the medical team will also build a plan to care for the patient’s overall well-being, which will include providing support for the patient’s family members, is the finest part. This indicates that the healthcare team has a great deal of expertise in providing care to people in their whole.

Moreover, the therapy for the majority of malignancies will be overseen by a couple of primary care physicians. These could include receiving care from a few types of oncologists, including a medical one, a surgical one, and, of course, a radiation oncologist. A group like this provides a specific body of knowledge and an organized set of strategies for combating cancer.

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