Top 5 Devices to Monitor Diabetes in 2021

Top 5 Devices to Monitor Diabetes in 2021

With the advancements in technology, almost every field is progressing and moving ahead with leaps and bounds. The medical industry is no exception to these rapid changes in technology. Most of the services have been automated and tasks such as blood pressure checking, pulse checking or sugar checking could be performed with the help of small and compact devices at home. Several companies are bringing innovation to the world of medicine.

They are striving hard to bring the most accurate and reliable devices to the market. In the last decade, there have been the biggest and some amazing releases for diabetes management. The tech industry has taken over all forms of industries and has proved to be one of the most innovative ones. It has made taking care of loved ones a lot easier and a lot simpler than before.
Not only can technology and devices help you manage your diabetes, it can also help you save money on various insurance products. Says Matt Schmidt of Diabetes Life Solutions “many companies may offer discounted health and life insurance premiums to those who use diabetes-related technology devices.  Studies have shown that those who utilize technology to help manage their chronic disease tend to have better overall control of their diabetes.  Because of this, insurance providers may offer discounts of 6% to 9% on annual premiums.”
Let’s have a look at the top 5 devices to monitor diabetes in 2021!

1)  Contour Next EZ

The Contour Next EZ is a glucose monitoring device by the Contour company. It gives highly accurate readings of blood sugar that are approximately equal to the lab readings with a  ±10% Difference only. The best part about this device is that it allows a second chance using the same strip by putting on more blood in case you didn’t get the right reading the first time. This helps in preventing the wastage of strips without affecting the quality. This device works on a no coding technology and provides accurate and fastest results in every test even with the smallest sample size of 0.6 µL.

2)  Dexcom G7

The launch of Dexcom G6 was a big sensation in the world of medical devices. The previous and latest version of the glucose monitor app have both received the same applause. The new device has proved it right that the smaller device is always better. The Dexcom G7 is the fastest, more reliable and accurate monitoring device. The sensors in the device are quite smaller than the previous versions and are portable for better access. The company is trying hard to keep the production costs lower so that they could launch it at a lower price.

The device not only allows you to manage your diabetic condition but can also help you with your insurance. You might be surprised at how that is possible but some companies are offering discounts on premiums if the person agrees to share the data over the CMG devices. This will also allow the companies to keep a check on whether the person is eligible for the discounted premiums or not. Since life insurance for diabetic patients has always been costly, this is an alternative to cover the costs in a less expensive way.

3)  Abbott Freestyle Libre 3

The two major competitors in glucose monitoring devices are Abbott and Dexcom which have been competing for years. This year, the bar has been raised higher by the two companies. The Libre 2 has incorporated some of the great features this year such as an alarm that starts buzzing when the blood sugar levels are quite high or low. The new feature of alerts has given it an edge over other products in the market.

The Freestyle Libre 3 is much leaned and small which makes it easier to carry it around. Also, it automatically updates the blood glucose levels without scanning them before updating. It is highly compatible with insulin pumps and other systems so the integration provides ease in accessing data. The device has been launched in Europe and the feedback has been great so far.

4)  Medtronic 780G

The Medtronic 780G is a hybrid and closed-loop system which has been launched with two new features thereby giving it an upper hand in the market. Firstly, the unit has the power to send corrections automatically. Secondly, the users are allowed to set the goals themselves even for 100mg/dL which was never the case with any of the available devices.

Although being launched in Europe, the company has been blocked by the FDA so another chance would be taken in mid-June. The company is thriving hard to get approval and launch the device soon.

5)  Omnipod Horizon

Omnipod has been trying to hit the market again after years by making a tubeless insulin pump and developing a good name. While the Horizon refers to the upgrade being required to bring the company back in the competition.

The new upgrade will constantly monitor the system and close the loop to offer the user’s insulin alterations automatically. With the use of this technology, people have believed to have a strict check on their targeted sugar levels with efficient technology trials. This addition to the previous version will surely be a good deal for the company in the future!

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