Thousands of People Apply for Participation in NASA’s Artemis Mission

Thousands of People Apply for Participation in NASA’s Artemis Mission

We have to admit that most boys wanted to become astronauts someday. Even though space exploration is not a walk in the park at all, NASA is giving them the chance to fulfill their old dream if they can qualify. The space agency is hiring astronauts for the Artemis program that is aimed to bring back humans to the Moon and explore Mars.

Over 12,000 people from the US have already expressed their will to participate in the upcoming space program, which provides a lot of hope for NASA and the mankind that the goals will be achieved.

Humans will return to the Moon by 2024

After more than half a century since humanity landed on our natural satellite in 1972, NASA will send a man and a woman there by 2024 if it all goes according to the plan. The space agency also plans to put humans on Mars for the first time in the 2030s.

The fact that humans haven’t gone to the Moon for such a long time led to numerous speculation. Some people believe that there are hostile alien life forms living there that scared away and threatened the astronauts. Whatever the truth is, we’re lucky that there are enough brave souls among people, because NASA received applications from all the 50 American states, and even from US territories.

However, applying for becoming a NASA astronaut is not easy at all, as we can conclude from what the space agency itself said:

For this round of applications, NASA increased the education requirement for applicants from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree in a science, technology, math, or engineering field,”

“In addition, the application period was shortened from two months to one.”

It’s great to see so many people interested in space exploration because this is the number one field that needs attention. In order to develop as much as possible as a species, we need to push the boundaries and explore the unknown as much as possible.

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