Google Maps Download – Navigation & Transit 9.65.1 APK Update for Improved Stability

Google Maps Download – Navigation & Transit 9.65.1 APK Update for Improved Stability

Are you planning on traveling to a new place you’ve never been before? Well, then you better make sure that Google Maps is installed on your smartphone. This app is the best travel companion that anyone can ask for and it doesn’t only focus on providing users with destination routes, but also with valuable information about the places they are visiting.

Google Maps – Navigation & Transit 9.65.1 APK Update

Google is renowned throughout the world for how much attention it pays to all its apps. The Android parent is always releasing new updates which improve the performance and user experience of its apps, and this time Google Maps is the one receiving Google’s latest updates. Therefore, Google Maps version number has recently been updated to 9.65.1 with a new APK.

As previously mentioned, the new update is available in form of APK. This acronym stands for Android Package Kit and this means that it’s exclusive to Android users. However, the thing that makes APKs special is the fact that they are released weeks ahead before the official OTA (over the air) roll out starts.

Bug Fixes

Nonetheless, the new APK is available for download right now and it runs on every Android powered smartphone. While the update might not contain any innovative features or cool visual changes, it’s still important because it contains a bunch of bug fixes.

Considering how important Google Maps can be, since people use it as their travel companion, many people would be annoyed if it randomly started malfunctioning. Fortunately, Google’s regular release of bug fixes makes sure that the app always runs as intended and that every bug is fixed.

Visit Like a Local

If we were to sum everything that Google Maps does, it basically allows people to visit any new country or location like a local. Google Maps contains all the valuable and necessary information users will need when traveling to a new destination such as top-rated restaurants, sightseeing points and many more.

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