How To Clean Your Car Before Using a Car Cover

How To Clean Your Car Before Using a Car Cover

Proper car care keeps your paint job vibrant and helps retain value in your favorite vehicle. Gather your car wash products, duster and car cover to see how to store your vehicle the right way. Check out unique cover alternatives, like the best outdoor car capsule, to personalize your storage solution. Whether storing your car for the night or for a few weeks, these tips help you fall back in love with your luxury vehicle.

How To Properly Dust Your Car

Dust may seem harmless, but the dust that frequently coats your vehicle can seriously affect your paint job. This dust is usually mixed with exhaust fumes, oil and insect parts to create a grime that reduces the beauty of your car. Over time, all this contamination can scratch, corrode or otherwise compromise your paint job.

Pick up one of the best car dusters for luxury cars to dust the right way. Check the instructions of your particular duster before use. Some recommend using a detailer spray to loosen dust particles, while other dusters are best used on a dry surface.

Dusting is an excellent way to prepare for a wash or to extend the time in between washes. As a preparation step, it prevents your microfiber towel or other washing tool from rubbing contaminants around and scratching your paint.

Use your professional duster to remove dust that would otherwise require a full wash. A few quick swipes with your dusting product keeps your polish and wax job looking fresh, so it’s a time-saving alternative to a full wash, wax and polish.

How To Properly Put on a Car Cover

Once you have a sparkly clean car, you want to protect it. A car cover is a great investment to prevent indoor or outdoor contaminants from collecting on your luxury vehicle. Find out how to properly put on a custom-fit cover.

Don’t try to use a generic cover. Custom-fit alternatives are surprisingly affordable and far easier to put on and take off. Custom covers come in indoor or outdoor alternatives, with several options in each. Choose the protective cover that fits your storage situation for personalized protection.

Find the correct orientation for your cover. Prepare your car by folding in the mirror, removing the antenna and ensuring it’s completely clean. Carefully pull the cover over the top of your vehicle, making sure not to pull hard if it’s caught on an object. Your custom-fit cover shouldn’t require you to stretch or pull too hard, but should provide a snug fit that prevents the cover from being easily blown off.

Stand back and admire your work. Your custom-fit cover has a soft, cotton interior that protects your paint job. It prevents moisture from becoming trapped and causing mold issues, while also preventing moisture from entering through the exterior of the cover.

Shop for a new car cover, car dusters and other accessories to enjoy a quality car care routine. Don’t let dust, bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants damage your paint, but take care of your vehicle and enjoy an exterior look you can be proud of.

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