Half-Life 3 Leaks – Epistle 3 and Expo Decay

Half-Life 3 Leaks – Epistle 3 and Expo Decay

Epistle 3 was published in August by Marc Laidlaw and it contained a letter which seemed to include the conclusion to the Half-Life series. Valve has never released Half-Life 3 even if fans were patiently waiting for this. But even if Valve will never release Half-Life 3, fans cannot give up on the game and have tried to create it themselves.

Half-Life 3

Laura Michet, a well-known game developer, launched Epistle 3 Jam, which was a 2 months hackathon inviting Half-Life fans to create Half-Life 3 based on the available synopsis.

The results were a mix of everything. Some developer fans tired to conserve the most popular feature of the game: the comedy part of the game, while others conserved the chaos Garry accustomed everyone with. Some Half-Life fans managed to capture the features which made the game the most popular first-person shooter, while some adapted Gordon Freeman’s adventures. Most of these creations do not work or offer at most an hour of play. However, they are full of passion and creativity.

Epistle 3: Robertson’s intent

The mod was created by developer heather Robertson and it is an imaginary experiment of what Half-Life 3 could look like. The experiment shows a gun of rectangular shape which is jutting from one side of the screen to the other.

Aboard the Borealis

Gary’s Mod has undoubtedly brought a huge impact on first-person shooters as a genre. The Aboard the Borealis mode has plenty of glitches and it is pretty chaotic, but it is nevertheless a brave intent.

Expo Decay

Another intent out of the 32 entries is Expo Decay. It has been created as a mix between Hotline Miami and Lego Star Wars. The main character tries to break in a compound full of Combine soldiers during a snowy weather.

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