Covid-19 Vaccine: Health Providers Might Be the Ones to Convince Hesitant Parents

Covid-19 Vaccine: Health Providers Might Be the Ones to Convince Hesitant Parents

In many parts of the world, the beginning of the fall marks is the beginning of a new school year. With that in mind, parents have to decide against the covid-19 vaccination and their children. They also need to remember that in some states in the U.S, government officials and mentioned the idea to make masks mandatory again in closed or crowded spaces. 

The CDC published in July new guidance for schools

At the beginning of this month, the CDC published a set of recommendations for schools and parents. Some of the things mentioned are keeping a 3 feet distance between students, wearing masks indoors, proper ventilation, screening testing, handwashing and more. One of the first things mentioned after the publication of the new guidance for schools was how will make sure all children follow the rules.  

Parents are unsure without the advice of paediatricians

Recently, the FDA announced that everyone is working hard on speeding up the authorization process for Covid vaccines for children under 12, and, that it might be ready this winter. Children aged 12 or more can already get their Covid vaccine shots, but recent estimates mention that only 38% of children will have received at least one shot by the beginning of the new school year. The reason offered seems to be the lack of communication between parents and health providers. Paediatricians and other health providers should be more prone to communication and explain to parents the benefits of the Covid vaccine for their children under 12. Due to the pandemic, many appointments have been rescheduled or cancelled, and parents lost contact with paediatricians. 

Health Providers are the key to a successful immunization campaign for children under 12

Sources also mention that several studies showed that parents rely on paediatricians’ opinions and that it is crucial to have a conversation with them. Parents talk about how essential is to have the advice of a health provider they know and that they would feel more confident in taking a decision regarding the vaccination of their children.


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