Diets That Helped Beyonce And Kim Kardashian To Lose Weight

Diets That Helped Beyonce And Kim Kardashian To Lose Weight

You’re thinking about keeping a diet, but don’t know which one? There are a lot of variations, but would you be inspired by those who have already gone through this stage? See below 3 diets, know their secrets and maybe give them a try.


Some time ago, Beyonce surprised her fans when she followed a vegan diet for 22 days. The star also followed Marco Borges’s fitness program. Beyonce just wanted to look good, stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Even if she no longer has a fully vegan diet, the artist is still following a diet based on vegetables and fish.

In addition to eating, Beyonce, like most international or native stars, knows how important hydration is.

Kim Kardashian

If you watch the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” you’ve probably seen the favorite treat of everyone, but especially of Kim, is salad. The star recently confessed that she eats salads every day, and this seems to be the secret of her voluptuous but well-carved body.

The combinations of green vegetables and chicken breast are the favorites of Kim Kardashian.

Jessica Alba

The diet of the beautiful actress Jessica Alba is based more on smoothies. No wonder, being the ambassador of the ZICO Coconut Water brand. Jessica claims that her favorite dessert is a mixture of coconut water with chocolate, almond butter and a banana. For lunch, the actress opts for something more consistent but equally simple: coconut, banana, and matcha powder.

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