Maryland Zoo Mourns the Untimely Death of Julius the Giraffe Calf

Maryland Zoo Mourns the Untimely Death of Julius the Giraffe Calf

Every time a new giraffe calf is brought into this world in one of the many zoos there are, the entire planet rejoices. Giraffes are slower to breed than you’d think. However, this also means that a giraffe death is a reason for great sadness. This is exactly what happened at Maryland Zoo in Baltimore this Saturday, unfortunately.

Julius, the Maryland giraffe calf, was brought into this world on the 15th of June, so little over a month ago. However, he wasn’t particularly healthy, and he has been struggling to live ever since. On top of that, Julius did not manage to learn to nurse from his mother, in spite of the zoo staff’s desperate attempts to teach him how to adapt to the world.

Julius also had a very frail immune system, which staff members have tried to boost by administering him giraffe plasma, IV fluids and plenty of antibiotics. But in spite of everyone’s best efforts, Julius didn’t make it. He died this Saturday, after a month-long fight with his many ailments. Julius was humanely euthanized after his condition took a sharp plunge for the worse early this Saturday.

Thousands of people from all across the world joined the Maryland Zoo staff in Baltimore in their emotional mourning of Julius. When the calf first came into this world, he was a beacon of hope and love, and a symbol for the Zoo’s breeding program. Unfortunately, his fate was sealed from the moment he set foot in this world. Goodbye Julius, you will be severely missed.

If you want to pass along a few more condolences and other messages, the Maryland Zoo staff is open for messages. This is a time of great sadness for all the animal lovers out there, so show your support.

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