This Giraffe Fails at Hide and Seek

This Giraffe Fails at Hide and Seek

The animal kingdom is a fierce place, but from time to time animals are caught in various moments that amuse us. Funny animal pictures aren’t limited to pets only; wild animals can be just as goofy sometimes. The latest image that took the Internet by storm and probably brightened up the faces of countless people is that of a giraffe that fails so bad at hiding in a bush, it’s hilarious.

The image was captured by Natalia Mroz, a 36 year old Australian native nature and wildlife photographer that resides in Kenya at the moment. Mroz snapped the picture while on tour in the world famous Amboseli natural park. Amboseli is a protected area known for its iconic views of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the tallest mountains in the world and the number one tallest on the African continent.

Amboseli Park is also known for its diverse wildlife and its herds, and Natalia Mroz had a very interesting experience with those that resulted in this photo being taken. While on her way to leave the park, her path was blocked by a giant bull elephant. However, she was in no rush to leave, so she took out her camera instead.

Suddenly, Mroz noticed the giraffe, which was hidden away in a bush and eating its leaves. When the animal saw Mroz’s car approaching, it popped its head up and unknowingly gave the photographer the perfect pose to immortalize. Everything happened so quickly that Mroz didn’t even appreciate how hilarious the shot was until she got home and managed to look at it again.

The photographer posted the photo for two very noble reasons: first and foremost, she wants to attract some attention towards the dwindling numbers in world giraffe population; but she also wants people to smile when they see the image.

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